Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whatcom Museum "Fate of the Forest" - press coverage

Seattle Times - August 20, 2011
Got a great review from Seattle Times arts writer, Michael Upchurch for my piece in "Fate of the Forest" at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, WA (see my post of June 2nd )

"Fate of the Forest" is reviewed in the last two paragraphs of an article re: Elizabeth Colborne - Evergreen Muse.  I was one of only 9 artists out of 200+ in the show who got mentioned.   I'm thrilled!!!!! 

My piece,"Crystal Silence," is a response to everything I find dark and mysterious in our precious forests. There is a quiet majesty in the evergreens guarding our soil, air and wilderness. This inspiration led me to create a piece I felt worthy of the trees we take for granted in the Pacific Northwest.

here's the link to the article
and a link to the list of participating artists in the exhibit

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