Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Today

My birthday has been going very well today.  Just created a new piece,
am enjoying my fun kitties,
my birthday roses from years past are in full bloom,
gotten love and wishes from friends and family, and will pamper myself this afternoon.
Plus the transit of Venus is happening on my birthday - a noteworthy celestial event!
won't see that again for another 150 years
I'm inspired by using my mug "Jesus - the gift of Hope"
Yes, indeed our hope is in Jesus. Amen
Doesn't get any better than that

Grayson - title "You Better Make That Special Delivery"

Cleopatra - title "The Cat Did It"

Racing With the Wind -  6-6-2012

Original - a botched photo of Washington DC Metro - a truly amazing network of underground transit - AH!  another transit event on my birthday.

Here are a few  non-botched photos of the Metro web

DC Metro

DC metro

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