Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Center on Contemporary Art

Like a Rolling Stone - CoCA 24 Hour Marathon 2012

After showing two pieces in CoCA's "Show Us Yours" exhibit in October 2012, my proposal to be the first photographer to participate in their 24 Hour Marathon was accepted through a juried application process. This was their 20th marathon.The challenge for the artists was to create completed works of art in a very short 24 hour turnaround. Armed with my camera, computer, printer, and other supplies needed to create, produce, print and frame my pieces, I descended on Seattle Design Center and CoCA's gallery space for the long haul.  Below are the pieces I create for the event and sold at CoCA's auction the next night.  Many thanks to Ray Lemery who was my point person and trekked back and forth from SDC and Costco with test prints and ran errands for me as needed.  I felt it worked well and hope the CoCA will again consider having a photographer as part of the mix. Created the first two from an odd contraption parked on the railroad tracks.  Never did find out what it is used for. 






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