Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Corridor Gallery, Seattle, WA 2013

The Corridor Gallery
Throughout 2013 Tashiro Kaplan's Corridor Gallery at
306 S. Washington St., Seattle,
exclusively showcased Artist Trust EDGE graduates.  Building management provided this space free for an entire year in order for EDGE Graduates to show their work.  Corridor Gallery is in the heart of the arts district in the same building as 4Culture, Gallery 110, SOIL, SHIFT, Gallery 103, Gallery 104 and many others.  First Thursday Artwalk in Seattle happens primarily in this building and visibility for our art was tremendous.  It was a fabulous opportunity for EDGE graduates to have the entire year to showcase their work in the Corridor gallery space.  We have a Facebook page of shows that have exhibited in throughout 2013  https://www.facebook.com/pages/EDGE-at-the-Corridor-Gallery/552116681484849

Curators of the Corridor Gallery were Dayton Knipher (14 months), Lisa Pollman (11 months), Malpina Chan (11 months), and Katy Krantz (9 months).   Guest curators were Akiko Masker, Lita Kenyon, Deborah Kapoor, Cathy Fields, Ellen Hochberg and Anna Macrae.  All curators with the exception of Lisa are EDGE graduates and volunteered their time and expertise in order to make each show possible. 

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